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Land use -- Nevada -- Management, Ecosystem management -- Nevada


The current document has been undertaken to assist agencies in meeting their obligations for federally mandated compliance and consultation with Indian tribes that have historical associations with Clark County. The document has been designed in part to provide an overview of the territorial associations of various tribes with ties to this area. This is accomplished using ethnohistorical documentation as well key legal documents, such as treaty language and Indian Claims Commission findings, that establish parameters for agency consultation responsibilities. Managers of Clark County’s federal lands have been eager to identify those tribes that are tied to the area in various ways – from those tribes who have long resided on these lands, to those who value this place but seldom if ever visit. Cumulatively, this research suggests ties between particular tribes and particular agency lands that may serve as a background reference for tribal and agency staff alike as they seek to understand Clark County’s tribal history and to protect cultural resources of mutual concern.


* At the time of publication Douglas Deur was affiliated with University of Washington

Publication Number 2012-01

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