Urban Archaeology in the City of Salem



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Archaeology practiced within an Urban Setting is often more challenging than archaeology practiced in more rural settings because of the challenges to excavation (i.e. there’s lots of asphalt, existing utilities, cars, buildings and people). Salem’s urban archaeology program is designed to work within this setting to ensure that current development projects comply with existing laws protecting archaeological resources. Join us to see how their process works through a real world example, including the public education and interpretation about the archaeological work on the development site.

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Kimberli Fitzgerald has been a resident of Oregon for almost thirty years, where she lives with her husband and three daughters. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kimberli holds a Masters degree in City Planning and Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Archaeology/CRM from Adams State in Colorado. Currently, she is the Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Salem where she has worked since 2009. Ms. Fitzgerald enjoys hiking, swimming, and sailing in her spare time.


Archaeological Anthropology

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Urban Archaeology in the City of Salem