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A Bibliography for Reimagining Borders

A Blade of Grass

Access Riders

Agnès Varda Forever

A Guide to the Gaze

Animal Crossing as a @DigitalAltar

Answers Without Words

Archiving a Socially Engaged Practice

Art & Beer

Art History Reenactments

Art Talk AM


Beers Made By Walking

Belonging ABQ

Belonging SF Bay

Both Sides Now


Cafeteria Staff Exchange Program

Can Art Inspire Me to Think Critically About

Canton Grill Degustatory Research

Civic Art Lab


Conceptual Art in Prison

Creek College

Everybody Eats Lunch

FIELD: A Journal of Socially-Engaged Art Criticism

Field notes from studio 9

From Here to There: Exploring Fredericksburg Road

Give and Take Care

Grief is a Reservoir

Inside Out


I Still Live Here

It Can Change As We Go Along

King School Museum of Contemporary Art

Learning the Land Walking Tour

Make Things Happen

March Toolkit and Aftercare Graphics

Meal Ticket

Museum Cookbook

One Hundred and Four Digitally Printed Color Photographs of Graffiti-Removal

Open Engagement


People's Homes

Practicing Distance

Reference Points


Sacred Voice of the Bayou

Saving the Crew that Matters

Scores for a Block Party

Sea of Oil

Shaped by the People

Sketching Mutual Aid

Socially-Engaged Public Art Methodology

SoFA Journal

Student Work

The Artists' Emergency Response Cycle: Play, Ambiguity, and Open-ended Questions in Urgent Times

The Best Things in Museums are the Windows

The City Seal of Portland

The Grandma Reporter

The In-Between: Tea Talks

The Inside Show

The Legacy of Selma Burke

The People's Guide to the Queens International

Those We Glimpse

Uncomfortable Conversations

University Housing & Residential Learning Artist in Residence

What We Produce

Where We Are Going Next, Together

Work Songs from the Portland Art Museum

Writing Together and Alone in Public