Submissions from 2021

Book Review: Women Made Visible: Feminist Art and Media in Post-1968 Mexico City, Alberto McKelligan Hernandez

Submissions from 2019


Submissions from 2018

Book Review: Monks in Glaze: Patronage, Kiln Origin, and Iconography of the Yixian Luohans, Junghee Lee

Book Review: Women Artists in Early Modern Italy: Careers, Fame, and Collectors, Jesse Locker

Practical Discourses on the Most Noble Art of Painting, Carmen Ripolles

Regional Unreal, Sue Taylor

Submissions from 2017


Advancing Design Thinking Towards a Better Understanding of Self and Others: A Theoretical Framework on How Buddhism Can Offer Alternate Models for Design Thinking, Meredith James


The Role of Ethics Online and Among Social Media Designers, Meredith James


Book Review: Baroque Naples and the Industry of Painting: The World in the Workbench, Jesse Locker

Submissions from 2016


Fictions of Abundance in Early Modern Madrid: Hospitality, Consumption, and Artistic Identity in the Work of Juan van der Hamen y Leon, Carmen Ripollés

Submissions from 2015


Design Thinking and the Internal: A Case Study, Meredith James

Book Review: Inverting Art-Making/inventing Byzantine iconoclasm, Brubaker, Leslie/striking images iconoclasms past and present, Boldrick, Stacy, Brubaker, Leslie, and Clay, Richard (eds)/art under attack histories of British Iconoclasm, Barber, Tabitha and Boldrick, Stacy (eds.)/the politics of iconoclasm religion, violence and the culture of Imagebreaking in Christianity and Islam, Noyes, James, Anne McClanan