Submissions from 2018

Book Review of Monks in Glaze: Patronage, Kiln Origin, and Iconography of the Yixian Luohans, Junghee Lee

Book Review of Women Artists in Early Modern Italy: Careers, Fame, and Collectors, Jesse Locker

Practical Discourses on the Most Noble Art of Painting, Carmen Ripolles

Regional Unreal, Sue Taylor

Submissions from 2017


Advancing Design Thinking Towards a Better Understanding of Self and Others: A Theoretical Framework on How Buddhism Can Offer Alternate Models for Design Thinking, Meredith James


The Role of Ethics Online and Among Social Media Designers, Meredith James


Review of Baroque Naples and the Industry of Painting: The World in the Workbench, Jesse Locker

Submissions from 2016


Fictions of Abundance in Early Modern Madrid: Hospitality, Consumption, and Artistic Identity in the Work of Juan van der Hamen y Leon, Carmen Ripollés

Submissions from 2015


Design Thinking and the Internal: A Case Study, Meredith James