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Since 2014, the Portland State University Art and Social Practice MFA students have put on an annual multi-day gathering of participatory events, discussions, and presentations highlighting our collaborative work and inspirations. To create this gathering, students select various sites around Portland, OR, in which to make and cultivate projects through existing relationships, curiosity, and chance encounters. Typically this has led us to many places around the city including a community center, city hall, a school, a panadería, a river, a senior center, and more.

This year is different.

This book archives a moment in which we can’t create that in-person live moment of collaboration. After a year of careful planning, this year’s collaboration with the King School Museum of Contemporary Art (KSMoCA) had to quickly shift gears due to the global pandemic and social distancing measures. Instead, we are sharing new work that has emerged in this context, as well as new conversations with existing projects and collaborations.

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Portland OR


PSU Art + Social Practice



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