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This program discusses the legacy of lynching in America, how we can find reconciliation, and how lynching is still a relevant topic to us today. It is led by Taylor Stewart, who started the Oregon Remembrance Project in the fall of 2018 to memorialize the history of lynching and memorialize Alonzo Tucker, Oregon’s only documented African American victim of lynching.

Mr. Tucker was lynched in Coos Bay, Oregon (then called Marshfield) in 1902 in front of a crowd of 300. Through dialogue in the community and a series of acts of remembrance, Taylor has been working with the community of Coos Bay to find healing and reconciliation through a sober reflection on history.

Taylor graduated from the University of Portland in 2018 and, in Spring 2021, is currently in the last year of his Master’s of Social Work program at Portland State University.

This presentation, part of the Black Bag Speakers Series at Portland State University, is sponsored by the PSU Department of Black Studies. Taylor Stewart is introduced by Walidah Imarisha, Black Studies faculty and Director for the Center for Black Studies at PSU.

Recorded on May 27, 2021.




African American Studies | American Studies | History | United States History


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