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Ikoro: Journal of the Institute of African Studies

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Art -- Nigerian Exhibitions, Nigeria -- Social conditions, Nigeria -- History


Although women's history surrounds us, women's contributions to history are easily over looked and often unacknowledged. In fact, decades ago, there was what could be referred to as the invisibility of women in any serious study of history in spite of the fact that history itself has not and can never be solely a male preserve. It was not until recently towards the end of the 20th century that women's history began to be studied and documented. However, since the past fifty years, a number of roadblocks still prevent the historian from producing a coherent narrative on women's history as much attention has not been given to documenting women's history through museum sources. This paper examines museums as a veritable source of promoting, documenting and placing in proper perspectives the history of women. It draws basically from the relics found in National Museum of Unity, Enugu, Nigeria. The paper expresses the need for a National Museum of Women's History that will inspire other women to create their own history. It equally maintains that there should be a change in perspective; one that sees women vanguards of change in the historical process.


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