Clip from Interview with Chhunny Sok


Clip from Interview with Chhunny Sok


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An excerpt from a video interview with Chhunny Sok, part of the Cambodian American Community of Oregon's oral history project documenting the experiences of survivors of the Cambodian genocide of 1975-1979.

Interview by Melissa and Kimberly Im, 31 May 2009.


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Oral histories, Cambodia -- Politics and government -- 1975-1979, Political atrocities -- Cambodia

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Asian History | Social History


Chhunny Sok

Interviewed by Melissa and Kimberly Im, 31 May 2009

Transcribed by Patricia Schechter, 3 September 2014

Clip: 10:52-12:25

So how long did you get to stay with your family in your home?

I got to stay for a little bit. I was so, so happy. It was like, “Oh, my God! I get to stay with my mom and dad!” Then later, I went to work in the day time and came home at night but we had to have …we didn’t get to cook ourselves we had to eat at the…they had the old place to make food for us. We only owned a spoon and a bowl.

Eat at the Angkar?

Yeah, the Angkar. They guard us. Food for everybody. They eat. But then I was happy. And then one day, one evening, two soldiers came. Two soldiers with a gun. They came to my house and said, “I want her.” He pointed at me. He told my dad, “I want her.” And my dad said, “Why do you want to take her?” He said, “It’s not your daughter. It’s Angkar’s daughter.” And: “It’s none of your business.” He had two guns pointing at my dad. And they said, “We are taking her.” And then I started packing. And I was so scared. That’s the worst thing that happened to me. Because you know, you don’t know where you are going. And you don’t have a future. You know, “where are you going?” Because you know I didn’t want him to kill my mom or dad. So I went with him.

Did you know that they were killing people at this point?

They started killing people after that.

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Clip from Interview with Chhunny Sok