"The OH Project" interviews were conducted in Portland, Oregon in the spring of 2009. The project was developed by the Cambodian American Community of Oregon, a non-profit organization that provides cultural activities and social support to families and children. Its purposes were to conduct intergenerational interviews between youth and elders in order to pass heritage from the migrating generation to youth born in the United States, and to use storytelling to help narrators heal from wartime trauma.

Participants attended oral history workshops at Portland State University in order to prepare for the interviews. This sample of five video clips is drawn from the larger archive of seventeen interviews. These clips and the headnote are designed to orient readers and researchers to the collection. Selected transcripts and videos of the interviews are available at PSU Library Special Collections. In addition, a documentary film, "The OH Project: Healing from the Cambodian Genocide," was made by Spin Film. A trailer for the film is available online.

The oral history project was made possible with grants from the Northwest Health Foundation and City of Portland's Vision Into Action and the support of Professor Christina Bethell of Oregon Health & Science University. Spin Film generously donated equipment and expertise.


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