Document Type

Technical Report

Publication Date

Winter 2012


Computer crimes, Stalking, Harassment, Cyberstalking


With technological advances and increases in the number of people who can access and use technology, cyberstalking is a crime increasing in prevalence across the United States. The goal of this report is to provide a more clear understanding of the definition of cyberstalking, its prevalence, characteristics of both the victims and offenders of this crime, and the modus operandi of the crime. In addition, potential strategies to prevent cyberstalking will be discussed, including but not limited to changing internet behavior and educating the public about cyberstalking.


Portland State University, Winter 2012 - Criminology and Criminal Justice Senior Capstone Class:

Michael Abshier, Kerry Allen, Kelly Anderson, Brandon Awbrey, Stephen Brown, Michael Davis, Francina Den Arend, Joshua Greenwalt, Amy Hinson, Jerry Martinez, David Millenaar, Eric Morse, Brittany Morton, Rachel Niten, Amina Oleiwan, Kelly Peterson, Christopher Pitchford, Richard Ramos, Joseph Russau, Elizabeth Schiemer, Valarie Shepherd, Adam Spang, David Stefanini, Lisa Storelli, Jennifer Trueman, Jesse Vinavon

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