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Technical Report

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Spring 2016


Police-community relations, Community policing -- Research -- Methodology, Crime prevention


Our examination of community-based policing research and literature includes thirty-two articles. The articles contained original information on departmental procedure, training, and interactions, both positive and negative, between law enforcement organizations and the communities they serve. The overall goal of community-based policing is to improve the relationships between police and their local communities. Community-based policing promotes positive relationships and collaboration between the police and the citizens in communities in which they serve. In order to improve police legitimacy and community relations throughout the country, proper training and a set of new performance standards needs to be implemented nationwide. Maintaining trust with the police and community requires continuous effort and can only be accomplished through multiple components coming together in a systemic, department-wide effort.


Criminology and Criminal Justice Senior Capstone Class:

Toyin Alder; Denise Backes; Alicia Bailey; Bruce Baines; Corbin Beall; Alexander Bigus; Rebekah Bleecker; Thomas Blum; Angelique Botello; Stephanie Burt; Alex Canales; Lorna Chandler; Kaylee Chavez; Kayla Chestnut; Michelle Chestnut; Joshua Clark; Nicole Clar; Hannah Clevenger; Lee Coffin; Jonathan Corcoran; Truly Cormier; Petra Crebs; Johnny Danger; Taylor Davidson; Trenton Davis; Sean Devine; Layci Dewey; Craig Downer; Sara Fidler; Michael Fleming; Melissa Franzen; Patrick Garrett; Erline Geske; Nadia Gonzalez; Tambra Haynes; Jessie Hernandez; Heather Higbee; Raelyn Imhoff; Benjamin Jamieson; Brandon Johns; Tosha Jones; Joseph Kashuba; Analise Kerpan; Robert Lamb; Alejandra Lopez; Keith Magness; Gale Matteson; Dylan Mekulich McArthur; Gabe Meyer; /Amanda Milbrandt; Timothy Nethken; Colby Newbold; Shannon O’Hanlon; Kyder Olsen; Michael Palitz; Tyler Pemberton; Heather Perkins; Abhinesh Phal; CiCi Ramakesavan; Kathry Raudy; Lisa Sands; Tiffany Santos; Cody Shalbert; Jodi Shaw; Jayme Simonis; Tyler Sirna; Yvonne Sparks; Catherine Speaks; Treya Swords; Christopher Thomas, Katrina Thurston; Samuel Tooze; Richard Valenzuela; Raenell Van Velzer; Jennifer Vernon; Marina Viray; Tiffany Wager; Robert Whitham; Hayden Wiseman

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