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Technical Report

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Spring 2017


Crime -- Oregon, Criminal statistics -- Oregon


During the course of the term, our group was tasked with researching the prevention of violent crime. Our research consisted of examining scholarly articles containing original information regarding the definition and prevalence of violent crime, victims, offenders, modus operandi, prevention strategies and implications for policy and training. Our findings are closely linked to data found in the United States. We began our research with original definitions of the prevention of violent crime contained in the articles. The prevalence of violent crime is discussed, including how measurements were determined. The characteristics of, and factors associated with being a victim of violent crime were then reviewed, followed by the characteristics of offenders associated with carrying out these violent crimes. We described the modus operandi used by different offenders, including information about income levels, proactive and reactive aggression and other details of violent crime. As a conclusion to the report, we also discussed prevention strategies, policy implications, and other training tactics, in order to improve outcomes at the individual, community, and societal levels identified by the authors.


Portland State University, Spring 2017 - Criminology and Criminal Justice Senior Capstone Class:

Jonathan Albi, Rebekah Anderson, Patrick Archie, Michael Aspiras, Katie Aspy, Corey Axt, Brandi Baker, Tierra Baker, Cole Barba, Andrea Bates, Jennifer Benthin, Amariyana Berry, Ky Bower, Natalie Boyer, Anthony Carley, Kendra Clark, Michael Cloud, Travis Cole, Kayla Davis, Mario Diaz, Karen Elings, Erica Fleming, Kelly Foulkrod, Maurice Frank, Joel Friedrich, Katharine Fuller, Christy Gates, Gerardo Gonzalez Garcia, Katie Grace, Lindsey Granados, Britnee Hansberry, Dean Harper, Karinna Hause, Robert Hinger, Kasi Jackson, Alicia Johnson, Kristen Kaplan, Brittany Kent, James Knowles, Gabriel Kubik, Keith Kyler, Mozelle Langford, Allison Lenza, Andrea Lieuallen, Natalie Liquori-Phill, Michelle Madison, Eric McCallister, Leotis McCormack, Paul McCrae, Michael McKiernan, Kali Nuttall, Justin O’Mealy, Tina Olin, Erik Olson, Megan Panos, Sara Peterson, Bianca Pino-Singer, Julia Porras, Anachai Promma, Jennifer Quintana, David Rash, Katlyn Roberts, Jamie Robinson, Stephen Romero, Ana Sanchez, Jeannie Schuster, Mackenzie Shaffer, Cameron Smith, Merab Smith, Alicia Solis, Juliana Steinbach, Ryan Stovall, Jenny Thompson-Kiefer, Brianna Tippin, Maria Tomaszewski, Kyle Treinen, Darren Ullmann, Jill Wagner, Bonnie Warner, Ryan Whitesitt, Melissa Williams, Ryan Williams, Kent Wimberley, Rhesah Yarbrough, Sara Zwak

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