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Technical Report

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Winter 2011


Gangs -- United States -- Research, Violent crimes


This report covers information on gangs, gang activity, and gang prevention. The report reveals information such as the history of gangs in the U.S., the definition of “gang,” data on prevalence, persons affected by gang activity, demographics of gangs and their members, criminal activity committed by gangs, gang hierarchical structure, prevention strategies, and effectiveness of gang prevention programs.


Portland State University, Winter 2011 -- Criminology and Criminal Justice Senior Capstone Class:

Rachel Brown, Keith Cokeley, Rebecca Cramer, Heather Crich, Ashley Farnsworth, Heidi Garrison, Wendy Hall, Lindsay Hawker, Yolanda Hines, Amy Hobbs, Kelly Jeffers, Matthew McKinney, Bradley Nutting, Kyle Potter, Robin Slater, Kelly Troeh, Christi Wagner, Paul Woodland, Audrey Wright, Jason Wyatt and Jeff Kerr, Graduate Assistant

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