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Crime -- Coquitlam (B.C.) -- Statistics, Crime -- Port Coquitlam (B.C.) -- Statistics, Crime -- Effect of land use on, Geospatial data, Criminal statistics


While it is certainly valuable to understand the counts of specific crime types by location, in order to contextualize the relationships between these features, rates are needed. Table 1 further explores this relationship by calculating the rate of each crime by land use. While rates are often employed using population as a denominator, such a measure is not practical when exploring crime at the parcel level. In this case, rates have been calculated according to crimes per 100 lots, producing an understandable and comparable value across all categories of land use and crime.


Poster presented to the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies in 2009.

Note: At the time of writing Kathryn Wuschke was affiliated with Simon Fraser University.

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