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Reservoir and Downstream Water Quality Modeling, Appendix D.1

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Technical Report

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Hydrodynamics -- Research -- Guyana -- Amaila Falls, Water quality -- Mathematical models, Guyana -- Amaila Falls -- Water quality -- Analysis


The focus of this present study is to perform the following tasks:

* Develop a hydrodynamic and water quality model of the reservoir formed by the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project

* Develop and run modeling scenarios

Water quality model simulations of the 23.3 km2 reservoir for Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project were conducted for low, average, and high flow years. A scenario with no vegetation removed from the reservoir for an average flow was also simulated. Conditions downstream of the reservoir were also modeled using a river model.

The model used for the reservoir formed by Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project is the public domain model, CE-QUAL-W2.

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