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Water quality -- Models, Water-supply -- Models, Water quality -- Computer simulation, Hydrologic models, Hydrodynamics -- Mathematical models


CE-QUAL-W2 is a two-dimensional (longitudinal-vertical) water quality and hydrodynamic computer simulation model that was originally developed for deep, long, and narrow waterbodies. The current model, Version 2, has been used in over 200 river, reservoir/lake, and estuary applications throughout the U.S. and abroad. Version 2, though, cannot accommodate systems that have a significant sloping water surface since the vertical coordinate system is aligned with gravity and vertical accelerations are neglected. The governing equations for CE-QUAL-W2 were re-derived so that it could be applied to entire river basins including river-estuary, lake-river, and reservoir-river systems with channel slopes. This re-derivation is one of many improvements for the Version 3 code. Other improvements include improved numerical schemes, improved and additional water quality algorithms, and algorithms for addition of hydraulic structures (weirs, gates, culverts) between model segments. Test cases for this new code include a 244 km section of the Lower Snake River in Idaho and Oregon; the Bull Run River basin composed of 3 water supply reservoirs and 2 river sections with a 2.2% and a 1.4% average slope in the Oregon Cascade mountains; and the Columbia Slough system in Portland, OR, composed of 33 separate lake systems connected by hydraulic structures and a fresh-water tidal region.


Author's version of a paper presented at the 4th International Conference of Hydrodynamics, Yokohama, Japan, and subsequently published in its proceedings.

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