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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Hydroinformatics

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Conference Proceeding

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Water quality -- Models, Water-supply -- Models, Water quality -- Computer simulation, Hydrologic models, Hydrodynamics -- Mathematical models -- Validation


CE-QUAL-W2 Version 3, a 2-D (longitudinal-vertical) hydrodynamic and water quality model for river basins combining both river and stratified river-estuary and lakereservoir flow, is a development product of the Waterways Experiment Station in Vicksburg, MS, USA. With the development and release of any revised or reformulated model codes, significant model validation is required. This includes comparison of model results to simple analytical solutions for hydrodynamics and water quality transport, as well as comparison to laboratory and field data. In this paper, the model is compared to numerous analytical solutions for mass transport (1-D advective mass transport) and hydrodynamics (impulsive wind stress on water surface, seiching). Suggestions are presented for proper validation protocols for hydrodynamic and water quality models.


Author's version of a paper presented at the Fifth International Conference on Hydroinformatics, Cardiff, UK, 2002, and subsequently published in volume 1 of its proceedings, p. 58-63.

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