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CE-QUAL-W2 (Computer program), Watersheds - Computer programs, Water quality - Computer programs


The primary objective of this research is to integrate a riverine model into the existing W2 code that would provide the capability for modeling entire watersheds. This task was accomplished by the following steps:

• Formal derivation of governing equations and solution algorithm with general channel slope

• Detailed analysis of algorithm for linking branches and smooth implementation of boundary conditions between branches

• Algorithm development and changes to basic model code (including branch definitions with slope, slope correction to solution algorithm, transfer of momentum between internal branches)

These tasks were performed with the following constraints and initiatives:

• Utilize the same solution algorithms as the existing code for hydrodynamics and water quality for the riverine system

• Allow momentum transfer between adjacent branches for internal head boundary conditions

• Refine the turbulence closure hypothesis for riverine sections


Water Quality Research Program ERDC/EL TR-00-7.

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