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Advances in Filtration and Separation Technology

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Cake filters, Filters and filtration -- Mathematical models, Pore water -- Analysis, Porosity -- Measurement, Water -- Purification -- Filtration


Constitutive properties are required to model porosity, effective stress, porewater pressure, or permeability during cake filtration. By using an analytical cake filtration model based on Tiller (1975) with various constitutive property formulations, predictions of effective stress, permeability, and porosity distributions in a filter cake can be made. This analytical approach was only valid when spatially average values of porosity and pressure differential were constant over time. Several different constitutive property formulations were compared to data of effective stress and permeability as a function of porosity for kaolin clay in water. Also the spatial distribution of porosity in a filter cake for kaolin clay in water was modeled using different constitutive relationships


Author's version of a paper that subsequently appeared in Advances in Filtration and Separation Technology, Volume 13, ©2000 American Filtrations and Separations Society.

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