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Umpqua National Forest (Or.) -- Alien plants -- Surveys, Umpqua National Forest (Or.) -- Introduced organisms -- Surveys, Umpqua National Forest (Or.) -- Introduced mussels -- Control


Six lakes and ponds located within or near the Umpqua National Forest were surveyed for non-­native aquatic plants and mussels during August, 2009. A diverse assemblage of native plants was identified along with one possible non-­native aquatic plant hybrid in Herberts Pond. The possible hybrid between the non-­native species Myriophyllum spicatum and the native species M. sibiricum requires genetic analysis for identification. Water chemistry is suitable for the establishment of invasive mussels in Buckeye Lake; however, no zebra or quagga mussel veligers were detected in any of the lakes.


Final Report prepared for the USDA Umpqua National Forest

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