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Discharge of ballast water -- Law and legislation -- Oregon, Discharge of ballast water -- Environmental aspects -- United States, Discharge of ballast water -- Management -- Oregon, Introduced aquatic organisms -- Control


This report documents the efficacy of the first ten months of the Oregon Ballast Water Management Program, which was established by SB 895 during the 2001 legislative session. The Oregon Ballast Water Management Program was initiated to address the introduction of aquatic nuisance species via discharge of ballast water from ships. The Program reflects the Oregon Legislature’s recognition of the potential for aquatic nuisance species to cause economic and environmental damage to the State. Oregon Laws 2001, Chapter 722 (Appendix A), required that owners and operators of certain vessels entering Oregon waters must report the time and place ballast water was taken on and released during the voyage. Ballast water management procedures must be reported to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) at least 24 hours prior to entering waters of the state. Ballast water reporting forms required by ODEQ are the same as the forms used by neighboring states and the US Coast Guard (USCG). The law also required that the director of the ODEQ establish a task force to evaluate the success of the law and recommend appropriate changes to the 2003 Legislature. Staffing and coordination of the task force was tasked to Portland State University, subject to availability of funds. This report summarizes ballast water management activities in Oregon during the first ten months of the program (January through October 2002), and makes recommendations for amendments to Oregon laws 2001, Chapter 722 based upon compliance of the shipping industry with the law; advances in ballast treatment technologies, development of treatment standards; effectiveness of open-ocean exchange as a means of treatment; compatibility of the Oregon ballast water policy with those of the United States, west coast states and provinces; research advances; amendments to the National Invasive Species Act; and consistency of ballast water management with other invasive species management activities in Oregon.


Produced for the Oregon State Legislature and Oregon Ballast Water Task Force

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