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Physical Review B

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Organic superconductors, Specific heat -- Measurement, Magnetization


We report on specific-heat, magnetization, and ac-susceptibility measurements of β″–(BEDT-TTF)₂SF₅CH₂CF₂SO₃, an organic superconductor with Tc=4.5 K, where BEDT-TTF stands for bis(ethylenedithio)-tetrathiafulvalene. The jump of the specific heat C at Tc and the exact form of the specific heat difference between C in the superconducting (B=0 T) and in the normal (B=3.5 T) state can be well described by BCS theory with strong coupling. We estimate an electron-phonon coupling parameter λ≈1.1. From measurements of C in magnetic fields we extract the upper critical field Bc₂(T). Low-field dc-magnetization measurements were used to determine the temperature dependence of the lower critical field Bc₁. From Tc down to ~3 K the characteristic suppression of Bc1(T) below the sensitivity limit is observed.


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