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Europium -- Magnetic properties, Contrast media (Diagnostic imaging) -- Synthesis, Ligands (Biochemistry), Magnetic resonance imaging, Paramagnetic contrast media


The chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) efficiency for a series Eu3+-based tetraamide complexes bearing p-substituents on a single coordinating pendant arm is highly sensitive to water exchange rates. The CEST effect increases in the order Me < MeO < F ∼ CO2tBu < CN ≪ H. These results show that CEST contrast can be modulated by changes in electron density at a single ligating atom, and this forms the basis of creating imaging agents that respond to chemical oxidation and reduction.


This is the authors' version of a paper that subsequently appeared in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 130, no. 1: 6–7. The version of record may be found at

Note: Atthe time of writing Mark Woods was affiliated with the University of Texas at Dallas.



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