Clinton Street Quarterly

FOR TEN YEARS, from 1979 to 1989, Clinton St. Quarterly, the eclectic, Portland based blend of politics, culture, humor and art, published 4 issues a year, reflecting and exuberantly contributing to the cultures of the Pacific Northwest and beyond-- and along the way, winning over 100 national awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

ORIGIN: In 1979, Portland was simmering with creativity. Feeling that there was a wealth of untapped wisdom and talent, Lenny Dee brought together Eric Edwards, Joe Uris, and Beverly Walton to produce the first Clinton St. Quarterly. Over the years the quality kept improving, thanks to the artistic vision of Jim Blashfield, and the editorial smarts of Joel Weinstein, Peggy Lindquist, David Milholland, and Lenny Dee. Together they brought to the CSQ the talents and perspectives of a wide array of writers and artists of local, regional, and international stature. In 1982 Paul Loeb helped launch a Seattle edition. In 1988 Julie Ristau sparked a Twin Cities version. Always a labor of love, the Clinton St. Quarterly was an embodiment of what we can accomplish together.


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