A Man and His Work

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A short film showing scenes from a typical day's work for the foreman of the City of Portland sewer department and emergency maintenance crew. In his own words, the foreman describes the crew's work, his career move from crew member to foreman and its implications, the relationship of mutual responsibility between city workers and taxpayers, and the important role of rank and file workers in providing essential city services.


A film by Jack Sanders. Produced by the Center for the Moving Image, Portland State University, with a grant from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Special Fund Committee.

Produced in cooperation with Al Gallap, Emergency Crew Foreman, Sewer Maintenance Division, City of Portland Department of Public Works.

Film to digital transfer by Gary Lacher of Movie Preservation, coordinated by Heather O. Petrocelli with financial support from the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition.

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