The Seventh Day

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16mm film


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For five days a city and its university were separated by anger, mistrust, and suspicion. On the sixth day, this city and its university were separated by hate, grief, and fear. This student production is dedicated to the seventh day.


This 16mm black and white documentary film was shot and edited by Portland State students during the student strike actions on the South Park Blocks in May 1970. In 2009, the film was selected by the National Film Preservation Foundation for grant funding to support its full preservation.

Center for the Moving Image Film Unit, Portland State University: Charles Auch, Jr.; Jim Blashfield, Jr.; Tjerk Dusseldorp; James Joerger; Clyde Keller; Jack Sanders; Sue White. Contributors: Gary Adams; Peg Blashfield; Andries Deinum; Tom Taylor; The Vanguard; Viking Yearbook; Bruce Hugo; Jeremiah Pick; Philippa Brunsman; Others.

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