information literacy; writing centers; peer tutors; tutor training; case studies; library instruction

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Academic librarians have long understood the importance of, and argued for, the curricular integration of information literacy. The literature shows strong evidence of librarians collaborating with faculty, peer tutors, and other on-campus constituencies in an effort to facilitate discussion and acquisition of information literacy skills and concepts. The literature points to a likely collaboration, that of libraries and writing centers, in light of their corresponding missions and endeavors. This paper details how two academic librarians partnered with teaching faculty who oversee the campus writing center to infuse information literacy skills and concepts into the training of writing tutors. The authors explore the history of the collaboration with faculty that led up to the information literacy workshops, provide a detailed explanation of workshop activities focusing on disciplinary discourse and resource evaluation, and discuss information literacy standards embedded in the activities. Challenges and opportunities afforded by the experience are also considered, as well as future steps to extend this collaboration.



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