Comparative Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms Based on Swarm Intelligence for QoS Optimization of Cloud Services

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IEEE 23rd International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD)

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As the technology of cloud computing becomes mature, the service idea of IT resources has been promoted rapidly. The various available cloud services have different quality of service (QoS). Different users have different QoS requirements for services. Finding the best QoS strategy which a user is satisfied with is a multi-criteria NP-hard problem. The completed theory and applied research have proved that the swarm intelligence method can effectively solve most multiobjective optimization problems. Therefore, a Pareto optimal solution for QoS strategy can be found by an evolutionary algorithm based on swarm intelligence. However, so far, only few solutions based on these approaches have been proposed and there exists no comparative study published to date. This motivated us to perform an analysis of state of the art evolutionary algorithm based on swarm intelligence. By a large number of contrast experiments under different circumstances, three QoS evolutionary algorithms based on swarm intelligence are analyzed and compared.


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