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BenchCouncil Transactions on Benchmarks, Standards and Evaluations

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High performance computing, Critical path analysis, Cloud computing


Current trends in HPC, such as the push to exascale, convergence with Big Data, and growing complexity of HPC applications, have created gaps that traditional performance tools do not cover. One example is Holistic HPC Workflows — HPC workflows comprising multiple codes, paradigms, or platforms that are not developed using a workflow management system. To diagnose the performance of these applications, we define a new metric called Workflow Critical Path (WCP), a data-oriented metric for Holistic HPC Workflows. WCP constructs graphs that span across the workflow codes and platforms, using data states as vertices and data mutations as edges. Using cloud-based technologies, we implement a prototype called Crux, a distributed analysis tool for calculating and visualizing WCP. Our experiments with a workflow simulator on Amazon Web Services show Crux is scalable and capable of correctly calculating WCP for common Holistic HPC workflow patterns. We explore the use of WCP and discuss how Crux could be used in a production HPC environment.


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