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Multimedia Systems Journal

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Multimedia systems - Design, Streaming technology (Telecommunications), Adaptive computing systems


To simplify the task of building distributed streaming applications, we propose a new abstraction for information flow – Infopipes. Infopipes make information flow primary, not an auxiliary mechanism that is hidden away. Systems are built by connecting predefined component Infopipes such as sources, sinks, buffers, filters, broadcasting pipes, and multiplexing pipes. The goal of Infopipes is not to hide communication, like an RPC system, but to reify it: to represent communication explicitly as objects that the program can interrogate and manipulate. Moreover, these objects represent communication in application-level terms, not in terms of network or process implementation.


An Oregon Graduate Institute School of Science and Engineering Technical Report (Number CSE 02-001). This is the author's version of an article that was subsequently published in Multimedia Systems Journal, vol. 8, no. 5 (2002). The definitive version may be found at DOI: 10.1007/s005300200062

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