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Computing Systems

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Spring 1995


Parallel computers, Computer networks, Virtual computer systems -- Design and construction


Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) is a widely-used software system that allows a heterogeneous set of parallel and serial UNIX-based computers to be programmed as a single message-passing parallel machine, In this paper, an extension to PVM to support dynamic process migration is presented. Support for migration is important in general-purpose workstation environments since it allows parallel computations to co-exist with other applications, using idle-cycles as they become available and off-loading from workstations when they are no longer free. A description and evaluation of the design and implementation of the prototype Migratable PVM system is presented together with some performance results.


Permission has been granted by the USENIX Association to reprint this paper. This paper was originally published in Computing Systems, Volume 8, Number 2, Spring 1995. © 1995 The USENIX Association

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