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Operating systems (Computers) -- Programming, Computer software -- Testing, Debugging in computer science, Functional programming (Computer science)


This document is part of a series of reports describing the design decisions made in porting the Chorus Operating System to the Hewlett-Packard 9000 Series 800 workstation. This document describes the environment for building the Chorus kernel, the various kernel tests, and the debugging environment used for porting the Chorus operating system to the HP PA-RISC.

The information contained in this paper will be of interest to people who wish to:

• Use the PA-Chorus kernel for development and/or modification, • Know about the build environment for Chorus kernel on PA-RISC, • Know about the PA-Chorus approach to debugging, • Know about the Chorus kernel tests, their buHd environment, and the modifications made to the kernel tests to port them to PA-ruse.

The aim of the document is to give a detailed overview of the various items mentioned above. The document does not delve into the specific tails of configuration like the values for various global macros and so on. For an in-depth understanding, one would have to study the sources. For the purposes of this document the word kernel and nucleus mean the same and will be used interchangeably.


Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology Technical Report No. CS/E-92-007, January 1992.

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