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Technical Report

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Computer architecture -- Design, Software architecture, Operating systems (Computers) -- Evaluation


This document is part of a series of reports describing the design decisions made in porting the Chorus Operating System kernel to the Hewlett-Packard 9000 Series 800 workstation. This document summarizes the matches and mis-matches between Chorus and the PA-RISC and outlines the general lessons learned during the project.

This document is intended for people who are interested in (a) the separation of machinedependent micro-kernel code from machine-independent micro-kernel code, (b) the interaction between operating system design and the PA-RISC architecture, and (c) the portability ofthe Chorus operating system.

The first report in the series, Porting Chorus to the PA-RISe: Project Overview, is a prerequisite for reading this document. This document also frequently defers discussion of specific details to the other reports in this series:

• Porting Chorus to the PA-RI8C: Booting • Porting Chorus to the PA-RISC: Virtual Memory Manager • Porting the Chorus Supervisor and Related Low-Level Functions to the PA-RISC • Porting Chorus to the PA-RISC: Building, Debugging, Testing and Validation


Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology Technical Report No. CS/E-92-008, January 1992.

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