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Magellanic Clouds -- Surveys, X-rays -- Measurement, X-rays -- Analysis


A region of over 40 square degrees centered on the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) has been surveyed with the imaging instruments of the Einstein Observatory. The survey is approximately complete to Lx = 1036 ergs s-1, and the faintest source detected in the SMC, has Lx ≈ 3 x 1035 ergs s-1. Twenty-six sources were clearly seen. Five are identified with objects not associated with the SMC. The only previously known source detected was SMC X-1 which, when in a high state, is the brightest source in the SMC. The second brightest source observed, a previously unknown supernova remnant (SNR), is located in the central part of the SMC. Four other weaker sources are probably also SNRs in the SMC. The remaining 15 sources are not yet identified and, since some are far from the center of the cloud, are probably not all members of the SMC.


Originally appeared in the Astrophysical Journal, © the American Astronomical Society. DOI: 10.1086/158641.

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