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Conference Proceeding

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Memory management (Computer science), Operating systems (Computers), Electronic data processing -- Distributed processing, Parallel computers


A lightweight user-level process(ULP) package for parallel computing is described. Each ULP has its own register context, stack, data and heap space and communication with other ULPs is performed using locally synchronous, location transparent, message passing primitives. The aim of the package is to provide support for lightweight over-decomposition, optimized local communication and transparent dynamic migration. The package supports a subset of the Parallel Virtual Machine(PVM) interface[Sun90).


Author's version of a paper delivered at the Scalable High Performance Computing Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee, May 23-25, 1994, and included in its proceedings (pp. 48-55). Version of record DOI: 10.1109/SHPCC.1994.296626 © Copyright 1994 IEEE.

The paper is an Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology Department of Computer Science & Engineering Technical Report (TR-93-016).

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