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Electronic data processing -- Distributed processing, Multimedia systems, Computer network architectures


Multimedia computing promises access to any type of visual or aural medium on the desktop. But in this networked future, will every type of media be accessible from every terminal device? Current multimedia standards do not allow content that is authored for high-bandwidth workstations to scale down for low-bandwidth applications. The problem is that application requests are commonly interpreted as requests for the highest possible quality and resource overloads are handled by ad hoc methods. We can begin to solve this problem by specifying Quality of Service (QOS) requirements based on functionality rather than on content encoding and device capabilities.


Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology Department of Computer Science & Engineering Technical Report 95-020.

Subsequently appeared in ACM Computing Surveys, vol. 27, no. 4, December 1995. DOI: 10.1145/234782.234811. May be found at Copyright © 1995 ACM, Inc.

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