Submissions from 2023

A Peaceful Superpower: Lessons from the World's Largest Antiwar Movement, Tom Hastings

Submissions from 2022

Friends with Benefits (and Sometimes Costs), Tom H. Hastings

Submissions from 2020

Evolving Narratives: Expanding Imagination and Mobilizing Voices for Change, Amanda Smith Byron, Sally Eck, and Roberta Hunte

Book Review of, Restorative Justice: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice, Rachel H. Cunliffe

Submissions from 2019


Storytelling as Peace Pedagogy in Higher Education, Amanda Smith Byron

Wrestling with Another Human Being: The Merits of a Messy, Power-Laden Pacifism, Molly Wallace

Submissions from 2018

Teaching Tangible Peace, Patrick T. Hiller


Communication and Conflict: An Intersectional Lens, Mary Adams Trujillo, Amanda Smith Byron, and Joy Meeker

Submissions from 2017

Conflict Resolution Classrooms to Careers: An Emergent Theory of Change With Implications for a Strategy in Peace Education, Rachel H. Cunliffe


The Compassion of “Compassionate Migration”, John Shuford

Submissions from 2016

Interfaith Dialogue to De-Radicalize Radicalization: Storytelling as Peacebuilding in Indonesia, Amanda Smith Byron

Submissions from 2015


Crisis and Conflict Management, Amanda Smith Byron


Integrative Conflict Resolution: Tools for Loving Praxis in Organizational Leadership, Amanda Smith Byron


Peacebuilding, Amanda Smith Byron


Universal Human Rights, Amanda Smith Byron