Self-Concept, Attitudes Toward Career Counseling, and Work Readiness of Malaysian Vocational Students

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Career Development Quarterly

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Vocational guidance, Work readiness


The authors examined the relationship between self-concept, attitudes toward career counseling, and work readiness among 574 Malaysian vocational students. Attitudes toward career counseling have been studied in Western cultures; however, little is known about how career counseling is perceived in Eastern cultures. Attitudes toward career counseling were examined as a potential mediator of the relationship between self-concept and work readiness. The authors applied structural equation modeling to explain these relationships. Value of career counseling was found to significantly mediate the link between self-concept and work readiness. Results supported a direct relationship between positive self-concept and work readiness skills. This may be due, in part, to a heightened value of career counseling among vocational students that increases career awareness and thus enhances work readi- ness. Future research could include samples with more female participants and additional constructs, such as self-efficacy and career adaptability.


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