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Multicultural education, Portland State University. Cultural Resource Centers, Portland State University. Pan-African Commons


The Cultural Resource Centers (CRCs) at Portland State University (PSU) create a student-centered inclusive environment that enriches the university experience. The CRCs value diversity, social justice, cultural traditions, student identities, success and leadership. On November 2, 2016, PSU held a grand opening celebrating the expansion of the CRCs with the addition of two new centers, including the Pan-African Commons (PAC). The growth of the CRCs marks a milestone in PSU’s commitment to social justice and equity.

The purpose of the Pan-African Commons 1-Year Assessment was to measure how student experiences and needs within institutional memory related to the experiences of Black students who’ve attended PSU, and how they may inform Pan-African Commons programing and priorities. Findings will be deemed from the data collection of; the Black Student Climate Survey Data administered by Pan-African Task Force, Portland State University’s university Archives special collections, onboarding program, informational meetings, and a SWOT analysis.


Prepared for: Portland State University students, staff, faculty, stakeholders, and the greater community.

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