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Intelligent transportation systems, Traffic surveys -- Data processing, Traffic surveys -- Mathematical models, Transportation -- Oregon -- Planning

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Improved technology for counting, classifying, and weighing vehicles in the highway traffic stream is becoming increasingly available. Research has been undertaken to make effective use of these new technologies, not just to replace current data collection programs of counting, classifying, and weighing with more efficient versions. This reports on the Phase I research, which had three major objectives;

  • a literature review to guide the analysis of alternative methods;
  • a statement of requirements to modernize and integrate the data collection programs of traffic counting, vehicle classification and truck weights, and to identify the type and use of traffic data for design, planning maintenance, enforcement and vehicle taxation;and
  • analysis of alternative site selection methods to meet the locational requirements of an integrated traffic data collection system. The following sections report on progress toward these objectives and provide detailed recommendations for continuation of the research into Phase II.


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