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Housing -- Oregon -- Portland, Portland (Or.) -- Economic conditions, Portland (Or.) -- Social conditions, Census of population and housing (1990)

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We are pleased to present the eighth edition of the Neighborhood Information Profiles. The Profiles were last published by the City of Portland's Office of Finance and Administration in 1986. This edition is based on the 1990 Census data.

This demographic report includes Census data compiled according to the boundaries of each of the 90 recognized neighborhood associations in Portland. The information about boundaries was gathered from neighborhood by-laws and interviews with neighborhood leaders. The boundaries are current as of August 31, 1992.

This report can be used for allocating needed resources and services, measure changes in conditions and populations, and conduct needs assessment and planning activities. This data is an important resource that enab 1 es citizens and service provide rs to track changes in conditions over time and to plan and deliver services accordingly.


Selected Data from the 1990 Census of Population & Housing STF3A.

Catalog Number SR023. A product of the Center for Urban Studies, Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University.

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