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Transportation --United States -- Statistics, Commuters -- United States -- Statistics, United States -- Census 1990, Transportation -- Planning -- Oregon


The purpose of this report is to document the types of transportation analyses that can be undertaken with the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP). In particular, this report focuses on exploring and visualizing the various elements of the CTPP data set. It is structured as a series of small-scale studies that have incorporated the use of CTPP data in order to generate information on a number of transportation-related topics. A general overview of each study is given, along with a description of the CTPP data used in the analysis, and a brief interpretation of the results. It is hoped that this report will acquaint transportation planners and planners undertaking corridor planning with the richness of the data contained in the CTPP.


Catalog Number DP97-4.

A product of the Center for Urban Studies, College of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State University.

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