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Children -- Transportation, Public-private sector cooperation -- United States, Local transit -- Management, Shuttle services -- Evaluation

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A new niche business has increased in the United States from a handful of private van services in 1992 to almost 250 nationwide. Referred to by many as "kiddie cabs," these private business are more than buses, iii that, they will chauffeur children to after school activities, the dentist, school, and anywhere else that children need to go.

The Kiddie Cab industry must explicitly be separated from publicly owned and operated transportation services for children such as paratransit services, shuttles for specific programs such as the YMCA, and any other transportation services for children that are currently funded and operated by public auspices. The businesses that are now being called Kiddie Cabs are private individuals and groups who recognized a need to provide transportation services to young people in their geographic areas and invested their own time and money into purchasing the equipment and manpower to make it happen.

The specifics of each Kiddie Cab business may differ from one to another, but the basic premise is to provide another option for young people to get to activities, programs, facilities, or services. Implicit in this, is the fact that without such mobility, many children may not be able to become actively involved in school, family, and community, which prevents isolation for a large portion of the population.


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