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Parking -- Central business districts -- Oregon -- Portland, Automobile parking -- Planning -- Oregon -- Portland, Transportation planning, Land use -- Planning

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The purpose of this paper is to examine parking regulations and parking management in a land-use and transportation planning context. Current parking management policies in the Portland metropolitan region provide the overall framework for this analysis. The paper is divided into six sections:

• Section one provides a summary of the planning policies and growth management strategies of the Portland metropolitan region which impact par king policy. These policies provide the context for the current discussion of parking regulations in the region.

• The experiences of two close-in Portland neighborhoods are discussed in section two. Parking is not regulated by the city zoning code in these neighborhoods. Lessons learned from these areas provide important case studies if existing parking regulations are to be re-considered.

• Section three includes a description of how parking outside of the downtown area is regulated by the City of Portland's zoning code, and examines several problems with this approach.

• The geography and spatial layout of parking is explored in section four. This section examines how existing private parking development patterns might be converted to a different parking pattern. Different approaches to parking may be necessary with different development patterns.

• Section five examines the characteristics of common goods and services to provide a theoretical basis for considering par king as an element of the public infrastructure.

• Section six outlines a model for establishing a different approach to parking policy, one which emphasizes shared parking and neighborhood parking districts rather than zoning code regulation.


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