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Washington County Urban Services Study, Community organization -- Oregon -- Multnomah County, County government -- Oregon -- Multnomah County -- Appropriations and expenditures

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This report is the second phase of what is known as the Washington County Urban Services Study. First phase research commenced in March, 1983 and was completed in December, 1983. The focus of this first phase was the comparative cost of urban service provision by jurisdiction by service for the cities, special districts (excluding schools) and County that provide services inside the Washington County Urban Growth Boundary. The results of this research were reported in "Expenditures for Urban Services in Washington County: A Benchmark Comparison" which was issued in January, 1984. The second phase research examined the revenue and expenditure patterns for the provision of all County services. These expenditures and revenues were examined on the basis of geographic points of delivery and origin. In other words, the County was divided into three geographic areas: Incorporated (cities), Suburban (unincorporated but inside the Urban Growth Boundary), and Rural (unincorporated but outside the Urban Growth Boundary) . County revenues (taxes, fees, grants, etc.) were examined in terms of how much each area produced and expenditures in terms of how much each area received. The difference between revenue and expenditure produces a measure of "revenue equity" by service. In sum, this report prov ides a measure of the extent to which the County's expenditures for service are equitably related to the source of its revenues.


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