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Buses -- Cost effectiveness -- Effect of travel time on, Travel time (Traffic engineering), Transportation -- Planning

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As the difference between fares and costs has increased over time, transit agencies have searched for ways to cut the cost of service. One method that is now being tried by some transit properties these buses there is a is the use of articulated buses. The larger size of allows one driver to serve more passengers. Thus, trade-off between higher capital costs for the bus and lower labor costs per passenger mile in operation. Hence, the use of the articulated bus appears to be a move toward greater labor productivity by increasing the capital-intensiveness of transit.

The conclusion that articulated bus service is more capital-intensive may not be justified. analysis places no value on the time of The problem is that the the passenger. If the passenger's time is treated as an input into the transit process, then articulated buses may actually be more labor-intensive than standard buses.


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