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Local transit -- Management, Transportation agencies -- Planning, Transportation agencies -- Officials and employees -- Training of

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This report addresses a project whose goals were to create, use, and disseminate information on a process for developing transit agency comprehensive training plans (i.e., plans that contain the training needs for all positions in an organization). The report considers the following:

• The importance of agency training plans and the need for an appropriate process to produce one.

• Information on the project that was undertaken to design and use an appropriate transit agency training plan process.

• The design, components of, and rationale for the training plan process selected for this project.

• Application of the selected training plan process to three Pacific Northwest transit agencies and the results this produced.

• The utility of the selected training plan process for transit agencies.

• The attempt to disseminate information on the training plan process to transit managers throughout the United States.

The findings suggest that this training plan process is a highly useful tool for designing, implementing, and managing a transit agency's comprehensive training program.


Report No. UMTA-OR-11-002-85-1

Catalog Number PR014.

Produced by the Center for Transit Research and Management Development, Portland State University.

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