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The material below reports on the results of a contract between the Hillsboro Union High School District and the Center for Urban Studies, Portland State University. This contract reflects the District's desire for additional information concerning community ideas and perspectives on District programs. The District had suffered a series of levy defeats at the ballot box, despite significant budget reductions. The result was a major financial shortfall that produced significant program reductions, including the curtailment of athletic programs and busing services. The District's need was for a better understanding of not only specific citizen attitudes but also proposals that would engender support for programs and necessary financing strategies. As part of a more comprehensive effort, the District, at the recommendation of a staff member from the Eugene School District, decided to conduct a focus group process to gather the necessary information.

The Center for Urban Studies at Portland State University agreed to develop and implement a process involving focus groups for the District. The Center was chosen because of its independent, autonomous status from the District and reputation in the community for public service work. The PSU team consisted of Drs. Sheldon Edner and Daniel O'Toole, the Co-Principal Investigators for the project, and Graduate Research Assistants Chuck Beadle and Jan Monroe.

This report contains a description of the process designed by the PSU team and its implementation, the results derived from this process, and comments on the implications of this process and what comes next.


Final report. Catalog Number PR027.

A product of the Center for Urban Studies, College of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State University.

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