Data from: Modeling Tools for Analyzing Electrical Power Distribution Systems Impacted by Electric Vehicle Load Growth

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Smart power grids, Electric power distribution, Electric vehicles -- Energy consumption


A suite of distribution system analysis tools has been developed using CYME 7.1 and Python 2.7 for evaluating the impacts from electric vehicle penetration, particularly overloading and under-voltage events. Two of these tools apply new loads to and create intentional spotloads on a model distribution system. Two other tools incorporate time series demands for EV loads and provide load growth within the model system. A fifth tool provides data collection for overloading and under-voltage events.

Using these EV evaluation tools, users can study how a distribution system may be impacted due to EV load growth and stochastic EV placement. These tools allow for a representation of how the system changes with increased EV penetration.

The dataset supports a Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering thesis, Modeling Tools for Analyzing Electrical Power Distribution Systems Impacted by Electric Vehicle Load Growth. The thesis may be accessed at https://archives.pdx.edu/ds/psu/35666.

Thesis Advisor: Robert Bass, Ph.D.


The archive contains two file types.

Input CSVs

  • CarsFromLoad.csv - Compositions relating household demand to number of vehicles
  • PeventrationVsYear.csv - Forecast EV penetration by year
  • PEV-Profiles-L1.csv - Demand profiles for level 1 EVSE with a rating of 1.92 kW
  • PEV-Profiles-L2.csv - Demand profiles for level 2 EVSE with a rating of 6.6 kW

Python Code

  • definitions.py - Python file storing different computer address locations used to interface with input CSV's
  • function_study_analysis.py - Python file storing functions containing CYME commands in a non-cyme specific value format
  • LoadFlowOverload.py - Python file containing functions that record information, process information, and produce CSV outputs
  • lookup.py - Python file storing CYME internal asset Indexes
  • main.py - Python file containing main coding loop, and most function calls
  • ModifySpotLoad.py - Python file containing functions that modify the CYME study
  • UserInput.py - Python file containing functions that take user inputs


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