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Proceedings of RM'2001 Workshop

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Conference Proceeding

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Logic design, Quantum logic, Quantum computers


Exclusive-Sums-Of-Products (ESOPs) play an important role in logic synthesis and design-for-test. This paper presents an improved version of the heuristic ESOP minimization procedure proposed in [1,2]. The improvements concern three aspects of the procedure: (1) computation of the starting ESOP cover; (2) increase of the search space for solutions by applying a larger set of cube transformations; (3) development of specialized datastructures for robust manipulation of ESOP covers. Comparison of the new heuristic ESOP minimizer EXORCISM-4 with other minimizers (EXMIN2 [3], MINT [4], EXORCISM-2 [1] and EXORCISM3 [2]) show that, in most cases, EXORCISM-4 produces results of comparable or better quality on average ten times faster.


Originally presented at the Workshop on Applications of the Reed-Muller Expansion in Circuit Design (RM'2001), August 2001, and subsequently included in its proceedings, pages 242-250.

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